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雷竞技最新网址-raybet公司-雷竞技官网网址Is a well-known large-scale comprehensive enterprise producing geosynthetics in China. It mainly produces and sells a variety of geotextiles, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, geogrid, geogrid, three-dimensional vegetation net, bentonite waterproofing mat (GCL) and other series Synthetic material.

The products are widely used in water conservancy, highway, railway, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and other fields, and have been applied in many domestic key projects, and have been well received by the engineering community and customers. As a rookie in the geotechnical materials industry, the company always adheres to the "quality first, customer first, integrity-based" business policy, uses advanced science and technology, advanced production technology and production equipment, and has accumulated many years of production experience in production. Continuously improve product quality. Established its own advantageous position in the same industry. The company has hired several experts and scholars from many scientific research units, design institutes and universities in the country as company consultants, and has established a close cooperative relationship to seek common management and development.

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